giving back


Above: an excerpt from the 2010 Annual report for Blue Planet Foundation, an organization that seeks to decrease our carbon footprint, among other things.

Klineworks gives its services for certain good causes. Whether it’s a discount for a non-profit that helps women and children, an infographic for Blue Planet Foundation, or a full pro bono project such as the poster series below for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we believe in giving back. When we’re focused on giving to others we also receive.

Here some of the clients we have helped with pro bono work, volunteering or deep discounts:

  • Abstract Magazine
  • Blue Planet Foundation
  • Domestic Violence Action Center
  • Hawaii Bicycling League
  • Hawaii Children’s Action Network
  • Imua Muanalua
  • Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
  • Washington Middle School

Below: 2 completed social media campaigns for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, 2017. by wasiswas, with art direction help from Klineworks.